Upcoming production: The Crucible 2018

Rococo Players are pleased to announce that our 2018 production will be Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, which has been described as a classic of the modern stage and one of the greatest American plays of all time.

A wife is sentenced to hang for reading books; men and women are imprisoned or executed because they have been “seen” with the Devil; children are punished for dancing…. not the happenings in some dystopian fictional world but events that occurred 300 years ago during the early years of European settlement in North America and brought to the stage next month in Arthur Miller’s timeless play “The Crucible”.

Arguably the greatest play in the modern era, Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible” is based on real events in the town of Salem, Massachusetts in 1692, at a time when the residents of New England lived a life of strict religious conformism. As the play opens, a group of young women gather in the woods to dance and to conjure spirits. The town is soon gripped by accusations of witchcraft, its people living with a rising sense of fear and dread, and nobody knows where the finger of suspicion will point next.

Written at a time when the Cold War was at its height and Miller himself was accused of having communist sympathies, the historical events of 1692 became an allegory for his own experiences. Echoing down the ages, the story of the Salem witch trials still finds resonance and relevance in our own troubled times.

Cast list

Betty Parris                                Brenna Martin
Reverend Samuel Parris     David Singer
Tituba                                            Kerissa Khan
Abigail Williams                      Maria Marriott
Susanna Walcott                    Taya Peacey
Mrs Ann Putnam                    Nathalie Eeckhout
Thomas Putnam                     Neil Webber
Mercy Lewis                             Sophie Davies
Mary Warren                           Katie Preedy
John Proctor                            Daniel Johnson
Rebecca Nurse                       Pat Amphlett
Giles Corey                               Peter Dean
Reverend John Hale            Lloyd Spencer
Elizabeth Proctor                 Ellie Wilson
Francis Nurse                         Geoff Ramshaw
Ezekiel Cheever                    David Holman
Marshall Herrick                  John Herring
Judge Hathorne                    Glenn Burns
Deputy-Govenor Danforth Chris Moore
Sarah Good                             Bex Southgate
Production assistant Jasmine Reynolds
Stage manager John Herring